September 9, 2011

GeoChat used by PSI in Laos

PSI had been using SMS communication way to disseminate health messages to their target group about 1000 members. The used to contracted to local telco in Lao telecom to disseminate message for them. Difficulties they encountered were:

  • They had to inform to the telecom whenever they want to add or remove any member from the list
  • They had to send the text message to the telecom to disseminate for them. And it is time consumings process whenever they want to correct the text message.
In April 2011, PSI Laos contact to InSTEDD and request to use InSTEDD technology “GeoChat” for the purpose above so that they are more in control when they want to send message out and to add new or remove member.

iLab Phnom Penh had provided remote support via Skype call and email to PSI Laos to set up Nuntium local gateway on mobile android platform, set up a group and import member list to their group.

They started to use GeoChat for disseminate information to their target group of 1190 members. Then after the group has move on for a while they decided to use for their own PSI staff head quarter of about 50 members.

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