February 22, 2010

Dynamic Resource Mapping

iLab team started working on project “Dynamic Resource Mapping” . This project is aim to provide mapping of any facility or resource and be able to update and query the resource availability via SMS, Web interface. The scope of this project is:

  1. Support multiple source of information (Eg. Cambodia Health facility, Myanmar Health facility, ..etc)
  2. View , filter, add facility and resource availability on the map
  3. Export resource and facility to KML file for view on Google earth or for other use
  4. Update resource availability via SMS
  5. Query to get resource availability information via SMS
  6. Provide more visualization information such as present the availability of resource information as heat map
  7. Can include other KML layer source of information (eg. Census population by provinces/region)

Future directions:

· Export/import KML

· Ways of visualizing the information

· Query and update the information via ODK

Below are screenshot of the current status of development

(Map view: facility and its latest resource information)

(Add or remove type of resource)

(View facility information)

online add and edit facility/resource (Here taking clinic as an example)

Update new resource availability via SMS (Example in screenshot, Submit update information to clinic id=1 as availability of bed=10, doctor = 5, Xray=2 and ambulance = 2)

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