July 29, 2009

Second mini barcamp at iLab

Phnom Penh barcamp organizers arranged second mini barcamp 2h on 25th July, 2009 and InSTEDD provide iLab office for the event. There are about 30 participants coming.

Topics in the event are:

1. Introduction about Agile methodology (Samnang)
2. Introduction to Solaris (Paul)
3. Twitter (Virak)
4. ICANN (Norbert)
5. Discussion about Mobile Application (by Mann)
6. Discussion about IT community knowledge sharing to student(Long)
7. Sharing life expereriece during study in Japan (Sopheap)
8. Overal discussion about how to improve barcamp (Chetra)

Mini Barcamp campaign at iLab

Barcamp organizers have set up a first mini barcamp campaign on July 18th, 2009 at InSTEDD iLab for 2 hours and there are about 17 participants.

First hour is go to the introduction to those who new to Barcamp to know about what barcamp is and show the last year barcamp event. After that all participants have a brief talk about the technology that they or their company/organizaton doing. the end is about general discuss about organizing barcamp event.

(below is the photos from the event)