June 13, 2012

Using Pictures to Facilitate Understanding

Billboards, traffic signs, company logos, instructions, and the other signs are designed with pictures more than text, so that people can easily understand what they mean. Picture help people understand much faster than with text.
When people see the yellow sign with black exclamation make on the middle of the sign, they know that they have to pay attention of their driving. Also with company logos, they usually represent what the company is about. For example, if a company is working in agriculture, their logo may be designed with green colors and some agriculture products they serve.
With this in mind, I designed some picture based tools to help users who have little knowledge about what we do. I tried to replace text with pictures as much as possible to make it easier for people to understand. Below pictures of instruction for our end users:

Can you guess what these help cards are used for? Do you think that it's small enough?

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