November 2, 2011

TB Result Alert System TOT & HC Pilot training

The current turnaround time for Health Center to submit smear to laboratory and gettingresult back is within 1-2 weeks. The delay of receiving lab result can be developedto 2 problems.
  • Patientcondition getting more severe and in some serious condition patient cannot waitfor the result from Health Center and have to visit Referral hospital forurgent treatment
  • Eachday of delay increase the chance TB spread out in the village
With LabResult Alert system, laboratory technician can send lab result via text SMS tothe system and the system make real time SMS alert to health center and to CDOT(Village Volunteer).
To introducethe use of technology to improve TB services by promoting earlier casedetection.
· Toreduce turn round time for delivery of laboratory test results through the useof SMS messaging technology
· Toreduce access to care time through the use of SMS messaging technology atvillages level
· Toreduce the morbidity of TB through early TB detection and accelerated access tocare
After completely developed by InSTEDD, TOT was trained on Tuesday 23rd August 2011 at InSTEDD office.

On 20th and 21st September 2011, 2 staff each from HC Speu, HC Daunthy, HC Chamkar Andong, HC Chamkar Kao, and HC Sopheas, 2 CKL OD staff and 1 KAC PHD staff in Chamkar Leu OD and 2 staff each from HC Kien Chrey, HC Samroang, HC Peam Chileang, HC Krala, HC Vihear Thum, HC Kaoh Roka, HC Moha Khnhoung, HC Peam Prathnous, HC Koh Sotin, HC Prek Kak and 2 KAC OD staff and 1 KAC PHD staff in Kampong Cham-Kampong Siem OD were trained on how to send the suspect TB patient's information and how to send the TB result via TB Lab Result Alert System.

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